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Dog Liability and Dog Bite Insurance

The need for dog liability insurance is on the rise across the United States More and more homeowner's insurance companies are excluding or even denying coverage for certain types of dog breeds they identify as dangerous or vicious. Pet Protection Pak program is able to help you get a dog liability insurance policy in place that allows you and your best friends the opportunity to stay together for life.

My Dog has been deemed Dangerous or Vicious
Counties and States across the country are describing dogs with a bite history as dangerous or vicious.  They are requiring the owners of these dogs to carry dog bite liability or dog liability insurance in order to keep their best friend. If you have a dog that has been determined dangerous or vicious, contact the Pet Protection Pak team today for a dog liability insurance quote. 

Check your Homeowners Policy
Often times, homeowner's insurance policies EXCLUDE specific breeds and sometimes all breeds of dogs from being covered by their insurance policy.  What can that mean for you?  Anything from an injury-causing bite, to digging a hole in your neighbor's yard can leave you wide open to a potential lawsuit that can cost you your home and everything you've worked so hard for.  Are you and your assets protected in the event you find yourself in this situation?  Check your homeowner's policy today to see if pit bulls, Dobermans, chow-chows, boxers, bulldogs, and any other breeds are excluded from being covered by your insurance policy.  If they are, contact the Pet Protection Pak team today for a dog liability insurance quote. 

I'm being required to carry dog liability insurance by my apartment complex or Homeowners Association
Many homeowners associations and apartment complexes are now requiring tenants to have a dog liability or dog bite insurance policy in place prior to moving a new dog into the home.  If this is why you are seeking dog liability insurance, Pet Protection Pak can help!  We can quote, bind, and send a certificate of insurance to your landlord or Homeowners Association all in 1 day!

Why Pet Protection Pak?
The team at Pet Protection Pak understands that your pets are part of the family.  We want to help you keep your best friend in your life!  Dog Bite Liability Insurance will provide you with a peace of mind and fill those insurance coverage gaps you have had with your current policies.  The best part is; Pet Protection Pak doesn't breed discriminate!  We can help you not matter what the breed.  Complete the online dog liability insurance application here or call us at 800-673-2558 extension 114 today.

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